801 Series

The Aeria 801 is an 8ohm transducer. With no moving parts, the impedance fluctuates nominally, thus allowing even the most sensitive amplifiers to excel with this speaker

Perhaps the most important thing to remember here is that with the Aeria Transducer, you can create the sound image you want without regard to normal speaker placement limitations. "Invisible" means "NO HOLES OR GRILLS!"

For example: Both the "ceiling mount" and "in wall" varieties of speakers need to maintain diametrically opposed locations for cosmetic reasons. Often, even acoustical and imaging considerations must be ignored to accommodate aesthetics. Very few times are such speakers placed 6' to 8' apart on the same wall or on a ceiling at one end of the room or another. (Except in "rear channel" instances.) Can Lights, Ceiling Fans, HVAC vents, and Wall hangings, all have to be taken into consideration when locating conventional speakers.

Now, with Aeria Sound, you can place your sound where it does the most good. Here are some examples:

> At each end of a Couch or across any seating area. Use Walls, Ceilings, or both!
> At 'Head' (ear) level at each side of your Beds' Headboard. Be immersed in sound without high volume levels
> Cross Corner' in rooms; even use odd numbers of Transducers,(3-5 etc.) to cover elongated or 'L' shaped rooms
> Almost anywhere you would think a speaker could do you the most good, but would look out of place, is now available for consideration. Invisibility brings with it unheard of flexibility in locating your speakers. (Er.... transducers lest we forget!)
> Behind Architectural panels (fiberglass, concrete, 1WTIG, ceramic tile, granite, marble, paneling, even can be mounted to glass to turn those substrates into the speaker itself, making the design of the room work for you

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