About Us

At the core of our technology is sophisticated engineering using traditional speaker components: the magnet and voice coil. Housed in a revolutionary design, Aeria Sound Environments transducers produce sound by directing sound energy into the solid material they are attached behind. The solid material (drywall, glass, wood, etc.) acts as a carrier for the sound energy, passing the sound energy into the air. The air molecules are energized by their contact with the sound-radiating surface and the energized air transfers the sound to your ear. This process is known as resonation – the same way an acoustic guitar and a tuning fork produce sound volume.

Through resonation, sound is transmitted to the listener without forced compression of the air, which occurs with conventional speakers. Sound waves created by forcefully compressing the air will become painful as the volume of sound is increased. This does not occur with Aeria Sound Environments technology. In fact, audio content can be listened to at high levels without listener fatigue, making for a more enjoyable audio experience.

With this innovative and proprietary technology, your walls and ceilings can literally become a resonating “speaker.” Sound waves projected from walls and ceilings, driven by Aeria transducers, are evenly distributed over the large surface area in the room. Sound will completely fill the room at the same volume everywhere. Simple principles of physics, when combined with our proprietary design, literally turn the walls and ceilings of your home into huge omni-directional “speakers.” The result is that anywhere in the room, the listener feels immersed in sound.

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